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[accordion title=”How does dustycars.com make payment for my vehicle?” active=”yes”]We pay by check, cashier’s check, or in cash. [/accordion]
[accordion title=”Does my car need to be smogged?”]It is unnecessary to smog your vehicle; dustycars.com will buy it without a smog certificate.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Does my car need to be running?”]Every vehicle we purchase is taken “as-is.” If your car is valuable to us, we will buy it running or not, in some cases even disassembled. We like dusty cars that have been sitting for years, even decades.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Will you tow my vehicle?”]We tow most vehicles that we buy.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Will you buy my _____ (particular make and model)?”]We are interested is a vast array of classic and later-model cars. Contact us with your vehicle’s information: If your car is valuable to us, in most cases we will make an appointment to see it and make you an informed offer. In some cases we can tell you what is worth without seeing it first. Pictures are very helpful.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Is there any limit to how much you will pay for a car?”]We will buy cars of almost any value, from $100 to $1,000,000 or more. It all depends on what you have, its history and condition.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Will you buy any make and model?”]We are mainly interested in older cars. However, we will buy certain later model cars, too. The best way to determine if we will buy your particular car is to input your car’s year, make, model, and condition on our website. Or give us a call: 415-dustycars (415-387-8922).[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Will you buy a car with a missing title?”]Often titles get lost, particularly with older vehicles. If you can show to our satisfaction that you have clear ownership, we will buy your car without the title handy.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”Will you pay a finder’s fee if I don’t own the car?”]We pay finder’s fees to anyone who provides us with a lead that results in a purchase. The greater the car’s value, the bigger the reward we can pay.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”How soon can I expect to be paid if you decide to buy my car?”]In most cases we are prepared to pay for cars on the spot.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”What if I don’t live in the area?”]We buy cars all over California, from other states, even outside the country in some cases.[/accordion]
[accordion title=”What if the car has been in an accident?”]We buy cars with current body damage, depending on the model and the severity of the damage.[/accordion]

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