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Perhaps the biggest contradiction related to Jaguar is that such an icon of the car industry was founded by two motorcycle enthusiasts. None-the-less, the classic Jaguar has become part of the psyche of international motoring.

Although Williams Lyons and Walmsley started the Swallow Sidecar Company in 1922, it was not until 1936 that the name Jaguar became associated and the first saloon car rolled into production. Although the war limited production and led to the removal of the Swallow Sidecar initials (SS) from the brand, post war the fortunes of the company began to look up.

Their acquisition of the plant which had previously supplied their engines, led Jaguar to be able to perfect its own engine designs adding power and working on a variety of powerhouses which would lead to the introduction of its first sports models.

Despite a steady trade in saloons, it was these sports models that defined Jaguar; the production in 1948 of the XK120 would lead to sporting success and accolades for design which stand today.

The XKs would place Jaguar firmly in the annals of sporting success with multiple wins at Le Mans during the 1950s. The Jaguar XK120 for sale was stunning too; it reinvented the sports car with a sleek, curved almost feminine cast. It was remodelled twice although with only slight modifications remaining in production until 1961.

If there was a seminal year for Jaguar it was 1961. The XKs had been transformed and into a design which has more than stood the test if time: The E-type. The Jaguar E-type for sale was touted by Enzo Ferrari as “The most beautiful car ever made” and unsurprisingly this opinion is fixed in the minds of petrol-heads to this day.

It suffused Jaguar’s motto “Grace, space and pace” with lashings of sex appeal and a 3.8 litre, 6 cylinder engine. Remaining in production until 1974, the e-type became a visual representation of 1960s culture; it was daring and bold, liberating and dared to break with convention.

The e-type was, however, a fashionable extension of both the XKs and the C and D type racing models all of which have a special place in the heartlands of international motor-sport. A thriving industry has developed on the back of restoring and caring for these exquisite examples of British motoring history.

Classic Jaguars are not limited to the sports ranges. Though ignored to some extent against the magnetism of the XKs and e-type, Jaguar maintained a steady output of luxury saloons; perhaps the most iconic being the S-type.

This was a diplomat’s car, an important car but yet again had those perfect Jaguar lines and deep rumbling engine. The S-type was reintroduced in the late 1990s as a tribute to its earlier version, the styling was perhaps a little more 21st century but the essence remained the same.

Few would argue at the impact Jaguar had on both the domestic and sports markets, and a worldwide fan club bears witness to the timeless quality, grace and style of the classic Jaguar.

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