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1960 Jaguar XK150 Roadster
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1960 Jaguar XK150
1960 Jaguar XK150
1960 Jaguar XK150 Roadster
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Jaguar XK150

Produced between 1957-1961, Jaguar XK150’s were the successor to the XK140 model. Upon initial release, the XK150 was only available in fixed head and drophead coupe models. Later on, in 1958, an open two-seat roadster model of the XK150 was released. 

The average price of an XK150 during the time of its release was close to $5,000.

One similarity the XK150 has with previous XK models is the simple folding roof design. After Mercedes released their 300 SL Roadster, Jaguar knew they had to respond in a quality fashion. 

Here’s how Jaguar did just that: 

XK150 History Overview 

Radical revision occurred with the XK150’s release compared to prior XK models.

Differences from previous XK models included: 

  • A one-piece windscreen took over the split screen and was moved forward
  • Wing line was placed higher 
  • Increased color selection 

With leather trim dashboard design, XK150’s were also walnut optional. The XK150’s thinner door design created more interior space. One cool feature that XK150’s had was a little red light that served to remind drivers that the front parking lights atop the fenders were on. 

Similar to the XK140 model, XK150’s contained manual-only rack and pinion steering. A new B-type cylinder head elevated the XK150’s power to 5750 rpm. 

Surprisingly enough, the first XK150 closed and convertible models were slower than their predecessors. During February of 1957, a 12-month delay was created due to a factory fire. 

1958 served to be an important time for a Jaguar comeback as the company released special equipment models that were fitted with disc brakes and a more powerful SE engine. 

While most export cars were SE models, Jaguar released a third option for XK150s that featured an “S” engine with three 2-inch SU HD8 Carburetors. Four-wheel Dunlop 12 in disc brakes made their introduction as an added option.

In 1960, the XK150 model’s fuel economy was 18 mpg with the ability to go 135 mph and 0-60 in around 7 seconds. 

Jaguar XK150 Visuals

Visually speaking, the XK150 was bulkier than its two prior XK models. 

Features that made the XK150 bulkier included: 

  • Curved windshield
  • High wings
  • Bigger grille 

Overdrive and automatic transmissions served as excellent options for the XK150. Support teams of network specialists in the UK work today to maintain this classic XK engine. 

Between all of the 1950s XK models, the XK150 serves as the most practical addition. Some argue the vehicle lacks the aesthetic perks of previous XK models, but the XK150s’ performance still has the car in competition for one of the most classic Jaguars.  

XK150 Performance 

1959 featured a test of a Jaguar XK150 with 250 bhp at 3.4 liters. The model was a fixed coupe that achieved a top speed of 132 mph and went from 0-60 mph in 7.8 seconds. Motor magazine ran the 1959 test that produced these recordings. Afterward, the tests, the XK150 was named the fastest closed car at the time. 

After XK150 production ended in October 1960, the following totals were tallied for produced models: 

  • Roadsters: 2,265
  • Fixed head coupes: 4,445
  • Drophead coupes: 2,672

Jaguar E-Types served to replace XK150 models after production halted. 

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