Where to Find Classic Chevrolet Parts

Chevrolet Coupe Engine

When restoring a classic vehicle of any kind, one of the most important aspects are parts and their availability. In case of restoring a classic Chevrolet car or a truck, potential restorers have a wide range of choice and lots of companies from around the world which produce parts, components and pieces for classic Chevrolets.… Read more »

The Best Classic Chevrolet Trucks

Chevrolet AK

Since the dawn of the age of cars, manufacturers have offered numerous pick up conversions of their models. The combination of the half car-half truck concept proved to be very successful since it offered usability of a car with the payload of a truck, a must for any farmer, small business owner or craftsman. In… Read more »

The 10 Best American Classic Cars of All Time

Chevrolet Corvette

America maybe didn’t invent the automobile, but it has invented almost everything else about it. Modern automotive industry, car culture, hot rods, drive ins and street racing are just some of the things that have gained worldwide popularity and a place in pop culture thanks to America. So it is quite natural that an industry… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to the Chevrolet Camaro MK1 and MK2

When the Mustang sparked the muscle craze in mid-1960s Chevrolet needed to provide an answer and do it quickly. The Corvair was definitely lacking and there was no time for serious development, but the Camaro, despite being somewhat rushed, was amazing. Its engines ranged from a 3.8 I6 to a 7.0 V8, it offered several… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to the Austin-Healey 3000

The Austin-Healey 3000 was one of the most revered sports cars of the 1960s. It came as a 2-door roadster with 2 or 2+2 seats and a 2.9 l engine. The car was beautifully designed, drawing heavily on the very successful design of the 100 model, but featuring more modern features and a more powerful… Read more »

Are Classic Cars a Good Investment?

mercedes 300sl

You can’t make money on just anything. If you are offering a service it must have value and must be what people want to spend money on. Furthermore, it needs to be exclusive. This is the same with classic cars. There is a wide array of classic cars on offer today – you can get… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to the Ford Mustang MK1 and MK2

Ford Mustang

The first generation of the Mustang was a miracle. It propelled a whole new class of cars in the form of small, lightweight, powerful, beautiful and yet reasonably priced sports cars. The engines ranged from I6 to V8 that went up to 7 l of displacement providing serious power, sometimes reaching well over 400 hp,… Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Care For Your Classic Car

porsche 911

Owning and driving a classic car is a special motoring experience. Not just in terms of having a car with performance and driving dynamics but also having the responsibility of caring and maintaining your classic vehicle. Here are five short, but very important tips on how to preserve your car and prevent potential problems: 1.… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to the Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray C2

Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray (C2

The C1 was amazing, but the C2 moved the Corvette far further. Its design stemmed from two racing cars as did lots of its engineering and it looked like nothing else on the road. Furthermore, it offered loads of comfort perks and very powerful engines ranging from 250 hp to 560 hp (officially 430 hp)… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to the Austin-Healey 100

Austin-Healey 100

The Austin-Healey 100 was one of the best sports cars of its era and so successful that the two next models were heavily based on it, the last being the legendary Austin-Healey 3000.  The car was roadster with two seats and an I4 engine with power ratings varying between 90 hp and 1312 hp. The… Read more »

5 Classic Cars Everyone Has Forgotten About

Fiat 130

In today’s classic car market, most of the cars of the yesterday are well known and sought after but there are still a few interesting vehicles that are under the radar of most collectors and can be reasonable propositions for a starter classic. Most of the cars on this list are models from the brands… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to the Austin-Healey “Bugeyed” Sprite

Austin Healey Bugeyed Sprite

The Bugeyed was the first Sprite ever, designed to serve as a cheap two-seat sports car replacing the MG Midget. It came out in 1958, after not much development since most of its parts were familiar from BMC. However, its chassis was completely unique, as was its styling, dedicated to keeping the car light enough… Read more »