How to Sell Your Classic Car Fast

Do you have a classic car sitting in your garage that you just don’t know what to do with? Has your spouse been bugging you to get rid of it? Need some extra garage space? No matter what your reasons, if it’s time to part with your classic car, Dusty Cars has a solution for you.

Dusty Cars goes all over the US looking for classic cars that need some love. With over twenty years of experience, our shop in Pleasanton, California takes classic cars in any condition and restores them to their former glory.

Maybe you’ve been trying to get rid of your car on Craigslist and haven’t found any serious buyers. Have you had a lot of tire kickers who you know won’t treat your car like you want it to be treated? That’s the last thing you need to worry about with Dusty Cars. We’re as passionate about classic cars as you are. When we restore classic cars, we do it the right way.

So, why trust Dusty Cars? Aside from our twenty years of experience, we have 100% positive feedback on eBay. People who work with us like us because of the level of care and quality we bring to our restorations.

If you’d like to see some of our handiwork for yourself, check out our inventory. Our restorations speak for themselves. If you think these cars look good in pictures, you should see them in person!

We specialize in classic cars from the 1940’s-1970’s. Most of our expertise is in Porsche, Mercedes, and Jaguar. We love to get our hands on these European classics and make them as good or better than they once were. We take our customers as close as they can get to the driving experience they would have gotten when the car was brand new.

We don’t just work with imports. We love a good Mustang, Corvette, or really old American car like an Auburn. These cars deserve better than to rot away in a junkyard so we give them the care they deserve.

If it’s time to let go of your classic car, don’t let it fall in the wrong hands! Maybe you haven’t had any luck on Craigslist or eBay or just haven’t gotten any inquiries that make you want to part with your car. We’re serious buyers who sell to serious collectors. By selling your classic car to Dusty Cars, you’re not only getting a great price for your car, but you’re giving the car a second life. You’re saving it from a junk yard and putting it in good hands.

Maybe restoring it yourself has crossed your mind, but then you go down the restoration rabbit hole. A classic car restoration always more time, more money, and more headaches than you expect. Do yourself (and your spouse) a favor and leave the restoration to the pros at Dusty Cars!

Remember how excited you were when you first got your classic car? Remember the rush you got the first time you drove it? Dusty Cars can help you pass on that experience to another passionate motorist.

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