One of the reasons people fall in love with classic cars is their unique style. Unlike many of today’s run-of-the-mill style automobiles, most classic cars stand out on the roadways. And when it comes to personality, few can top the classic Volkswagen Beetle.Classic Volkswagen Beetle - Evaluation, Appraisal, and Buyers

German production of the Beetle started in 1945, and it was dubbed “The Peoples’ Car” because it was made for the general population. Although it arrived in the United States in 1949 and could be bought in the 1950s, the Volkswagen Beetle is memorable for its’ connection to the 1960s. The Bug was cute, easy to maintain, and simple to fix. Unlike most classic cars we consider “luxury” automobiles, this little charmer belonged to the masses and became a 1960s symbol of the youthful counterculture. Young free-thinking women and men loved their little VW Beetles and bought up the affordable earlier models quickly. They drove to protests and Woodstock, decorating their bugs in vibrant groovy flowers. Later, young mothers shuttled their kids around town in reliable and affordable little cars.

We’re not going into a discussion about the engine and details. If you are a fan of the model, we don’t have to. But for interested folks, Forbes offers a history of the iconic VW’s features and driving ability:

In any Language, the Bug is still a Fun Car to Drive.

The German word for Beetle is kafer; in Spanish, it’s vocho or vochito. France added their own spin and named it the coccinelle, which translates to “ladybug.” Over 21 million of these cars were produced and distributed worldwide. It was cheap, it was durable, and it was fun to drive. After the late 1970’s sales for the Beetle dropped, so it was discontinued. Then in 2003, The vintage frame was returned as a Limited edition Volkswagen 1600i Ultima Edicion. Sales weren’t great. Then, Volkswagen returned to the drawing board and re-designed the VW Bug for a new generation in 1998 and 2011. The modern, ultra-rounded, colorful Bug with a flower vase captured the imagination. A new generation of Beetle was out on the roadways in funky hues with names like Purple Passion, Imola Yellow, and Tornado Red. Eventually, sales slumped, and as of this blog, the Volkswagen Beetle has been retired since 2019. There may be a comeback with a battery-powered version in the future. As a classic car buyer and restoration company, we are all about the Vintage Beetles. And the classic VW Bug hasn’t left America’s heart.

The Bug is a Popular Auto for New and Seasoned Classic Car Collectors

Unlike classic luxury brand cars designed for wealthier buyers, the classic Bug is still reasonably priced. This means vintage Bug fans can get their classic Beetle with little investment. The New York Times discusses “collectors who have caught the Bug” and this affordable option for classic car collectors:

Due to the amount of cars made, finding a classic VW Bug in mint condition is possible. If you own one and are looking to sell it, give us a call. Dusty Cars is always ready to schedule a time to assess a vintage VW Bug. We’ll make a fast cash offer and help transport it back to our warehouse. And if it’s not 100% perfect, that’s okay too. Our team are experts at restoring classic vehicles. To see what we have already, watch the recent video for the Dusty Cars classic oval ’56 VW Beetle:

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