The Ultimate Guide to the Austin-Healey 100

The Austin-Healey 100 was one of the best sports cars of its era and so successful that the two next models were heavily based on it, the last being the legendary Austin-Healey 3000.  The car was roadster with two seats and an I4 engine with power ratings varying between 90 hp and 1312 hp. The body was very lightweight and the styling was sleek and to everyone’s liking at the time and even today the car has lots of classic flair. Time has not made it outdated in any way.

The car was built like a proper sports car and this was evident wherever you look. The body was light and sleek, the interior was well-built, but devoid of heavy perks and the engine was capable. It was built from 1953 to 1956 and during that short period it received several different versions, one major facelift and numerous upgrades to everything from styling to mechanics an performance.

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