When investing in one’s future, there are several options. Typical financial portfolios will carry several stocks, bonds, and real estate investments. There are also more non-traditional ways to grow a fortune.

Classic Porsche 911

For instance, many passionate collectors use their hobbies to build wealth. Collectors of fine art, wine, vintage toys, comic books, and sneakers are constantly trading, buying, and selling their treasures. Check eBay, and you’ll find the Incredible Hulk vs. Giant Size X-Men #181 for around $270,000.00. A 1985 Nike original Air Jordan is listed at $72,000. That’s serious money!

Of course, our “thing” is classic cars. We love to spend our time at classic car auctions checking out the latest “find.” We keep up-to-date on the latest changes in brands such as Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche. What is the most sought-after model? How has the value changed? It’s a thrill when we get the opportunity to buy and restore a beautiful old luxury sportscar. And we are in touch with plenty of serious vintage car collectors who are just as enthusiastic.

Staying on top of any industry to check how the investments are doing takes time. In the classic car market, investors have plenty of investment tools to “geek out” on. For instance, there’s the K500 Index (https://k500.com/the-index) and the Hagerty valuation tool to track recent prices in classic autos (https://www.hagerty.ca/apps/valuationtools/search/auto). Just like the stock market, this is a dynamic and ever-fluctuating field. Figuring out the value of a classic car isn’t for everyone; thus, using a classic car appraisal service is a great step.

Dusty Cars Team have the Hearts of Vintage Car Collectors

Yes, that’s how we see ourselves. If we could keep many of the fantastic old luxury cars we restore, we would. But since that would fill a football stadium, we are happy to help others find the correct value for their classic car. Finding the actual value of an investment is more challenging than looking at a bank statement to confirm an account. For instance, let’s assume you own a 1964 Jaguar E-Type Roadster. The engine is in good shape, but the body needs to be restored. The seats may require refurbishing. It’s not in “mint” condition, but what’s it worth? Or what about a 1970 Porsche 911T Coupe? One place sells it for $129k, while another car dealer is asking only $36k. So how do you figure out the value of your classic car?

Even someone who enjoys their classic car might not be excited about spending their free time playing with classic car valuation tools. To us, researching the price of a classic car and estimating a fair value isn’t a chore. We love to do it and are excited when a rare model is located. It’s fun to confirm the price and give the good news to the seller too. We admit, estimating is tricky, and selling a classic car is similar to finding the current value of a home. The real estate market rises and falls too. And the location and condition of the house can impact the final price. Same with a vintage auto. But then, we don’t do real estate we do vintage automobiles. And we are eager evaluate and offer a fair price for classic cars in any condition! Contact us if you own a classic vehicle and are looking for an appraisal and fast cash offer.

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