Beyond the E-Type: Budget-Friendly Jaguars for Your Classic Car Dreams

We understand that there are expensive and affordable models in the classic car world. If you’re a younger person just getting into collecting, don’t let the high prices for specific models deter your ambitions. There are plenty of years that bring more reasonable price tags.

For instance, the Jaguar brand is synonymous with elegance and performance. However, not all models hold the same value. The Jaguar E-Type1974 Jaguar E-type - finding its true valuation ( has always been a hot model for classic sportscar enthusiasts. And this particular model is still very sought-after by vintage car collectors. However, in other cases, models like the 1970’s Jaguar XJS Coupe and 1980 Jaguar XJ models can be found for around $15,000 and under. These are decent choices for the novice collector who wants to experience the nostalgia and vintage appeal at an affordable price.

The Jaguar XJ6 Series III was produced from 1980 through 1987 and was considered the flagship model for the decade. It was not a sportscar but a sedan that provided the same luxurious comfort and style as the Jaguar brand. The XJ6 changed the expectations for what a luxury sedan should be.

There’s also the Jaguar XJ-S, built from 1975 through 1996. Since it was mass-produced, it was a more affordable luxury sportscar for the time. Still, the V-12 engine provided a punch, going from zero to sixty mph in 6.8 seconds. Jaguar sold 84,104 of the coupes. If a novice Jaguar collector is interested in one, it’s best to find an original owner, as the need for regular parts and repairs adds to the bargain price.

The Classic Car Arena Contains “Underdogs” and “Show Dogs.”

The so-called “underdog” status of more affordable Jaguar models does not diminish the value of the more expensive classic e-types serious collectors continue to look for. It makes owning an e-type more desirable! And we understand why. Once the feel of a Jag is in your bones, you will want more.

Who can blame any of us? During every decade, the Jaguar E-Type’s long, elegant hood and aerodynamic silhouette make it distinctive from any other classic sportscar, even by today’s standards. Our Dusty Cars team has enjoyed buying and selling these cars. This particular breed of Jag is always in demand. If you own one and want to know how to get your Jaguar appraised, contact us.

We have experience appraising, buying and restoring several from the 1970’s and 1980’s such as:
The original owner bought a 1971 Jaguar e-type V12 Coupe in light yellow.  1973 Jaguar E-Type V12 Roadster in a unique deep red and carrying a glitzy Hollywood history by its original owner.

1973 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 V12 Roadster in like new condition.  We are always interested in looking at a Jaguar from the 1970’s or 1980’s.

Classic Jags Are Still in Competition With Today’s High-Tech Luxury Cars

The new luxury sports cars are undoubtedly remarkable products of innovation, comfort, and technology. They boast futuristic features like lightweight carbon fiber materials, personalized interior selections, and computerized displays. Even AI self-driving components are available.

Yet the classic car community is still going strong. The engineering and timeless design make Jaguars reliable, beautiful rides even today. Some people like keeping their hands on the steering wheel, feeling the engines power as they cruise down a road.

And a well-preserved Jaguar in pristine condition is a collectors’ dream. But if you own a slightly rough around the edges Jaguar e-type, it’s still valuable to us! When someone is ready to learn how to get your Jaguar appraised.   Our Dusty Cars team will lead the way with a fair and quick cash offer (

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