Searching for a Respectable Buyer for That 1960s Jaguar?

Having been in the classic car business for several decades, we know selling a traditional luxury car sounds easier than it is. When someone owns a classic Jaguar, they know they have something special. But what is the value of a 1960s Jaguar? 1960 Jaguar E-coupeThey may have an idea but need to see if it equals today’s market value. And someone who doesn’t run in classic car circles can be vulnerable to scammers and cheaters. Especially if they are searching for a buyer online.

In the case of a scam, you could get your bank account drained. Or worse, you could lose both your classic car and bank account! For instance, the same online money scams that bilk people out of their hard-earned cash can also be used when purchasing a valuable classic car. Here are several strategies sketchy “classic car buyers” use.

The online buyer paid too much: Money orders over the agreed price are a red flag. The buyer apologizes for overpaying and asks to have a refund transferred back. An unsuspecting seller might send them the money only to find the payment was a fraud to begin with. By the time they realize this, the “buyer” has disappeared.

Overseas buyers: A buyer might be interested in purchasing your car for the exact asking price. They might even direct you to their overseas website to show they are respectable buyers. The purchase pick-up and delivery details may even be included. But the entire goal is to gain access to your bank account. And when they have your bank information, they will try to make a withdrawal instead of a deposit.

You’re asked to float a loan: No honest classic car buyer worth their salt would ever suggest this. If they are interested in your car, they want to have it free and clear. Walk away from this buyer asap!

Online shopping sites are rife with grifters. EBay is a real jungle with scammers buying and selling items on both sides. Unless you’re a savvy online seller on eBay, staying clear from trying to DIY sell a Jaguar there is best. And please just avoid Craigslist!

Do the Homework and Get a Fair Deal When Selling a Classic Car

The best way to avoid fraud is to do your homework. There are various types of so-called “classic car buyers.” Some honestly don’t know what they are doing. A crummy buyer will make low-ball offers and cut corners when restoring luxury vintage cars with poor-quality materials. A used car dealer might tout their experience in classic cars but understand little know about the important details to accessing it’s true value.

Then, there are deceitful car dealers who exploit a seller’s lack of knowledge. The car’s owner isn’t aware of the classic car market and trusts an “expert” to educate them. If the buyer runs the discussion, the seller is told what to believe, which may fail to end well.

However, these examples are buyers who are not concerned about their reputation or relationships. Because long-term partnerships are crucial to success in the classic car world. For our team, credibility and trust are the foundation. We partner with respectable traditional car sellers and buyers because a network of experts can help move a fabulous vintage auto into the right hands!

When a seller asks us what is the value of a 1960s Jaguar, Porsche, or Mercedes-Benz, we take the time to ensure they know the truth. We expect to provide a thorough and accurate valuation. And if there’s an agreement, the Dusty Cars team gives a fair and quick cash offer on the spot!

The Best Classic Car Buyer Knows the Business Inside and Out

A respectable business will not only understand the market value of a classic Jaguar but also know how to make the process easy for the seller. Our team will help simplify the paperwork and streamline the selling process. In addition, we manage the shipping and delivery. Our Dusty Cars team does it all. Because we love what we do! Our motivation isn’t just profit; it’s about ensuring a beautiful classic car gets the right new owner who will give it the care it deserves.

Here’s a 1966 Jaguar eType Coupe that our team recently purchased a classic Jag that was found with incomplete restoration work. We brought back to it’s original condition: If you know someone who wants to know what is the value of a 1960’s Jaguar, they can contact us ( for the right answer!

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