Vintage Mercedes SLs from the 1960s and 1970s can be very valuable. If you’ve inherited such as car and are unfamiliar with why they’re still popular today, much of it concerns the lineage.

1960 Mercedes 190SL Roadster - What is it worth? Find its value.The predecessor to the classic Mercedes SL was the 300 SL Gull Wing, considered the first street-going “supercar.” SL stands for “super light” due to its aluminum body. The powerful two-seater sportscar with a sleek design and “winged” doors turned heads at the time (and still does). Yet, the price tag only made it attainable for an elite class. The car launched in 1954 and was built until 1963.

To offer a more affordable option to the wider public, The Mercedes 190 SL Roadster was launched in 1955. The fun, aerodynamic two-seater full of personality quickly became a favorite.

If you are ready to sell a classic Mercedes SL, you may want to know the “true price” first. That means receiving a trustworthy evaluation of the car’s make and model by an expert. The condition can vary, which means so can the price. Some need severe refurbishing, while others, like this 1962 Mercedes 190SL Roadster (see:, are in terrific shape!

No matter what your classic car is worth, it’s always better to rely on a professional to appraise it for the best price. It’s easy to receive a lowball offer on a classic Mercedes from a regular “classic car dealer.” Especially if you don’t know what to look for! These cars tend not only to hold their value but can increase in price depending on several factors.


For instance, if you are lucky enough to own a 300 SL Gull Wing and are ready to sell, it will provide a cozy retirement! These are rare cars, and we have yet to have the privilege of appraising one.

Still, Mercedes Benz 190SLs from the 1960s through the 1970’s can also bring in a nice sum. We’ve appraised several classic Mercedes Benz’s and been happy to pay cash on the spot.

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