Appraising a vintage luxury car is very different from finding the price of an average used car. Most cars go down in value over time, so the assessment is to see if you can get anything for the car. In comparison, classic cars typically go up in value, way up! Car enthusiasts will pay five times the original price of the classic automobile. Serious collectors go into paying millions.Porsche 911 - you can turn an old, classic Porsche 911 into cash, fast with an evaluation and purchase

Let’s say you have a classic Porsche 930 from 1975. It may have experienced some wear and tear. The seats need replacing, and they could use some new engine parts. It’s worth something, but you must figure out its real value. That’s normal. Here are five resources to help you understand the dynamics of a classic Porsche appraisal.

Porsche Club of America (PCA) (
The page has a list of links to organization that provide information about Porsche assessments.
Hagerty valuation tool ( The website provides online tools and a price guide to help classic car owners determine a fair value.
The Stable Blog ( This post reviews the history of the Porsche 911 SC, it’s pricing, and its popularity. It also discusses other models like the Turbo. It’s a fun read.

The Appraiser ( The video highlights a 1985 Porsche Carrera Targa that’s been driven consistently. The appraiser provides a thorough review of the car and things to look for. This is a great example of a simple assessment.

The Collector Car Podcast ( What are some of the best and crappiest classic cars to own? How about hearing the 18 things you didn’t know about a classic Porsche 911? This podcast provides tips and interesting details about this globally adored brand.
The value of a vintage luxury sportscar can fluctuate with the current market. The owner of a classic Porsche may want to sell it but would like to avoid paying an appraiser or receiving a ten-page analysis of their car’s worth. And they aren’t interested in doing a DIY appraisal either. For those who are just looking to get a fair evaluation and sell their classic car fast, we can help. Our appraisals are free. And a vehicle doesn’t have to be in tip-top shape for us to be interested. We take “Dusty Cars” and refurbish them. Our goal is to provide quick and fair classic Porsche appraisal, make a cash offer, then ship the car to our shop, where we will restore it.
It’s a simple process and works for many folks ready to sell their classic car quick.

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