True Porsche lovers can never get enough of is incredible car. If your love of all things Porsche has become a favorite past-time, here are seven fun resources to explore. ( course, we must begin with the Mac daddy of websites – the Classic Porsche site itself.dusty porsche 911 Individuals can review models through the decades and shop for parts. Sign up for the classic Porsche e-newsletter.

HAGI – Historic Automobile Group International.  Similar to art collectors, classic Porsche owners see their collections as a long-term investment. They research the rise and fall of the Porsche market and stay on top of trends. HAGI is an independent investment research house and think-tank focusing on rare vintage automobiles. The HAGI index measures the rare Porsche automobile market. Individuals can log in and sign up for their newsletter.

Porsche Club of America ( Any true fan of Porsche wants to talk and share that passion with others. The PCA provides opportunities to meet like-minded folks, join clubs, attend club events, and watch races. Immerse yourself in Porsche culture! The website offers a filter to select Porsche events by country and city.

PCA Podcast ( Same group as above, but in podcast form! For those who prefer to get their classic Porsche resources “podcast style,” find it on Spotify, Audible, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Hot Cars ( includes a blog for car aficionados. A recent post highlights the world’s ten most sought-after Porsche 911 models. Including the classic Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Lightweight (1972 – 1973) at #10. And the classic Porsche 911 (930) Turbo ‘Flachbau’ (1982-1989) at #7.

Jay Leno’s Garage Videos. It’s common knowledge late-night host and comedian Jay Leno loves cars and motorcycles. His YouTube Channel highlights various cars while he talks with other celebrities and reviews each car’s stats. He’s informative and funny. When it comes to a classic Porsche, Jay knows his stuff. Check out the link to the episode, “Jay won’t sell his 1971 Porsche 911 T”

Color Code Database ( Are you looking for the perfect color match to repaint your classic Porsche? Maybe looking to paint room in original Porsche colors? This is a very practical Classic Porsche resource. The database provides color charts for vintage cars throughout the decades, including chart interior and exterior colors for each year.

If you’re looking to sell ( or buy ( a classic Porsche, or any other classic car look at our website. We are happy to provide a free appraisal for classic Porsche in any condition, then make a fair and quick cash offer.

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