Losing a grandparent may not be unexpected, but it can shock a family. Not long after the funeral arrangements, the person responsible for overseeing the estate will be tasked with handling a house full of Grandpa’s treasures.

classic car for sale - 1958 Corvette - 25k

This can take up a lot of personal time. Those items may be worth something or not. Even after distributing things Grandpa wanted to leave for a specific loved one, there may be more to go through.

An executor has to consider the rooms full of furniture (is that a classic mid-century table or a knock-off?). A collection of baseball cards (if you found a 1968 NY Mets Rooks Stars card, it’s valuable). Then they step into the garage, past the dusty boxes and tools, to find a classic car under a tarp. It’s a little worn but pretty sporty looking. After a quick phone search, they find out it’s a 1964 Jaguar E-Type convertible roadster (https://dustycars.com/classic-cars-for-sale/1964-jaguar-e-type-roadster/). Now things just got interesting!

That type of car has real value, but no one in the family wants it. So, it will take an appraisal by an expert to find a fair dollar amount. Upon further inspection, the family discovers the engine on this classic Jag isn’t running. Also, the leather interior is cracked, and the paint job is pocked and scratched. Since it’s not in mint condition, will a classic car dealer take it anyway? Probably not. But there are still options. It’s possible to find a business that restores and re-sells classic autos. The best classic car restoration and re-sell team will buy a rusted 1959 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible or a 1956 Austin Healy 100 in need of new bodywork. They know the value of the vintage auto and are ready to add a little loving attention to bring it back to life.

So, if a classic car buyer knows they can fix a vintage automobile in poor condition, and they normally can, they’ll make a fair cash offer on the spot. The bonus is, they also normally handle the car’s shipping and related costs too. That’s one less thing on an executor’s plate.
Whether Grandpa has one vintage roadster, or a garage full of classic cars in various states of disrepair, it’s good to know there’s an expert to rely on. The quick turnaround can help the executor, children and grandchildren move forward. And Grandpa’s love for that classic car will live on in a new owner.

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