Lots and lots of people have classic cars from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and even 90s. Some go way back further than that. You may have inherited a classic Jaguar, for example, or you may have just parked it away in a garage or shed or barn years ago because for one reason or another, you don’t use it, but at the same time are reluctant to let it go because it is a part of your history. At Dusty Cars, we totally understand that.Get the best possible price for your classic Jaguar.

However, if you have such a car, it is a shame to leave it there gathering dust, the bodywork rusting, tires rotting, and just doing nothing. So why not sell it?

If you want to sell a classic Jag in California, it’s dead easy. That is if you offer it at a low price to someone who will pay far less than what it is worth and then flip it at an auction for a thumping profit. Anybody can do that.

However, if you want to sell a classic Jag in California and get paid what it’s worth, then that is an entirely different kettle of fish. You need to find someone who will offer you a fair price based on today’s values.

Congratulations! You have just found Dusty Cars!

Yes. We are in the business of buying, and selling classic cars, but we are different from the average buyer. You see, we buy classic cars, but we then restore them!

That is a huge difference if you want to sell a classic Jag in California – or for that matter anywhere else in the US. We are very happy to travel.

You see, we get great delight out of restoring old cars so that they look as though they have just come out of the factory. Sure, we have to make a profit, but we pay a fair price. And it doesn’t matter what condition the car is in. Restoring an old car is like a hobby to us. So, the more we can do it, the better we like it. And we will pay you in cash!

A classic Jag can be worth a lot more money than you might imagine. Yes, there are still people like us who love these classic cars, but they don’t have either the time or the skills to restore them, so they will happily pay for one that has already been restored. That’s the way we make our living, while doing what we love at the same time.

So, if you have a classic Jag, or for that matter any other classic car, not just Jags, you know what to do next. Call us!

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