If you own – or have inherited a Porsche 911 – good for you! They are the CLASSICS of classic cars, especially those from the 1960s, 1970s, and up to the 1990s. How do you sell one? Well, you find a person who will “buy your Porsche 911” (or from your perspective, “buy my Porsche 911”), and that’s Dusty Cars.Dusty Cars buys and restores classic Porsche cars. Find out what your classic Porsche 911 is worth, today.

But here’s the thing, if you are thinking “Who can I get to buy my Porsche 911?” We do not buy a Porsche 911, or for that matter any other classic car, and then take it to the nearest auction and flog it off for as much as we can get. Sure, we will sell it eventually, and we will sell it for a profit because we have to make a living. But we buy classic cars because we love to restore them.

We are doing it for the love of finding what many would describe as a beaten-up old wreck – which in very many cases is a fair description – and restoring it so that it looks and runs in exactly the same way that it did when it left the factory 30, 40, 50, 60, or more years ago. We regard restoring an old classic car in the same way that you might regard a Picasso, a Monet, or a Rembrandt. As far as we are concerned, what we are doing is a form of art.

The Condition of Your Classic Porsche 911 Doesn’t Matter

What that means is that it does not matter what condition your Porsche 911 is in. We will buy it in whatever condition it is in. It could have been sitting in a barn for the last 40 years with chickens using it as a nesting box. We will still buy it.

The wings may be hanging off it, the windshield was gone, wheels rusting, bodywork falling apart, a hole in the bonnet – we don’t care!

Not only that, but if you are sitting there with an “old wreck” in the barn, or anywhere else, thinking “Who would buy my Porsche 911?” you may be very surprised indeed at just how much we are prepared to pay for it. $50,000? $75,000? $100,000?

Well, to be fair about that, it is a question that we can’t answer until we know what model it is and just how much work we are going to have to do to restore it. As we said, we do have to make a living. But we are also doing it for the fun and pleasure that we get out of it.

Let’s just put it this way: we have lots of cash in the bank and we are very happy to spend it on a classic car, regardless of condition.

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