The Jaguar brand has had its ups and downs. Sadly, the most recent Jaguars are not (so far) holding their value or appeal like the older Jaguars. At Dusty Cars, we buy older Jaguars – “classic Jags” – from the Golden Era of the brand. They can be worth a considerable amount of money.What is a classic jaguar worth? Find out with a free price or value evaluation.

Of course, if you own something such as a Jaguar XK140 it may be that you don’t need to sell it for financial reasons, but perhaps want to switch over to another classic car such as an Aston Martin or a BMW 303. You may be relatively wealthy, but unless you are what could be described as “rich”, you may not be able to afford to keep the Jag. You need to sell it in order to invest in the next classic car.

Of course, you may also have inherited it, and are not interested in keeping it but simply want to sell it for a good price, which is fine. Whatever your reasons for selling, at Dusty Cars, as a classic Jaguar buyer, we will give you a free valuation. You may be surprised at just how much a classic jaguar automobile is worth, especially if you have either had it for a long time or have inherited it and have no idea. To give you a guide, as a classic Jaguar buyer, we have recently seen some XK140s on offer for between $150,000 and $200,000, with some others marked “Price on application” (which usually means a lot more)!

You May Just Want to Sell It for a Good Price

Of course, if you want to sell a classic Jaguar, it depends upon the condition, the model, the year, the mileage, and so on. At Dusty Cars we really do not mind what condition your Jaguar is in because we love to take these old beauties and restore them to showroom condition. We will make you a fair offer whatever the condition. But, of course, that involves expense, time, and it also depends upon the availability of parts. They can often be very expensive. No matter, as a classic Jaguar buyer we are doing what we love and making a good living at the same time.

The very first Jaguar was built by S.S. Cars Ltd and was a two-seater sports saloon which was exhibited at the Motor Show in London in 1929. (The company changed its’ name when WW11 began because the name could be related to the SS in Germany).

So, if you have a classic Jaguar to sell and want to obtain the top price, then ask us for a free valuation. You don’t have to accept our offer, but we think that you will be pleasantly surprised.

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