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1987 Porsche 930 Turbo
porsche 930 for sale
porsche 930 for sale

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Porsche 930 

Porsche 930’s were manufactured between 1975-1989 and became known to the public as 911 Turbos. During the entire 930 production duration, the car was a top-of-the-line model for 911’s and served Germany’s speediest production vehicle.

Here’s why the 930 is a genuinely iconic Porsche: 

Emphasis on Turbo

As far back as the 1960s, Porsche began experimenting with turbo design on their race cars. While some people were not a fan of Porsche using a four-speed instead of a five-speed manual, the 911 Turbo still solidified its status as Germany’s fastest production car during prime production years. 

The fastest performance was reached in 1984 with a stunning 0-60 mph time of 4.6 seconds. While the original 930 was extremely fast, there were some bugs. Oversteering and turbo lag occasionally reared their heads. These issues were overshadowed by how impressive the original 930s are in an overall sense. 

Classic Design Improvements   

An easily identifiable 930 characteristic is rear spoilers used to increase air vent rates to the engine. Some people love the tail design, while others are not too keen on the design element. Original 911’s sported a whale tail spoiler while 1978 led to the tea tray design that helped fit the added intercooler. 

Output was increased with the addition of an intercooler in 1978. An enlarged 3.3-liter engine did just the same. 

Brake sizes were made slightly bigger and adapted the spoiler to increase room. Widened rear wheels and upgraded tires made driving a smoother experience with the 930. 

Easily Identifiable

Slant nosed styling of 930 models was introduced with the 1981 special order program. New slant nosed styling was created by taking a standard 930 and giving them a 935 slant nose front end. Front fenders served to be shaped by hand. 

Due to increased craftsmanship, slant nosed 930s are less prevalent and demand a higher asking price. Car enthusiasts can spot slant nose 930 models with nothing but a simple glance. 

930 Market History

Even though the 930 series is considered a success in Porsche’s storied history, sales were inconsistent at times. Part of the problem was the massive amount of power and speed that the initial 930 models had posed a threat to more inexperienced drivers. 

Porsche opted to pull 930’s off American and Japanese markets due to tightening emission regulations. Particular order slant nosed options marked the comeback of the 930s on the American and Japanese markets. 

Regular production rates of 930 models didn’t resume until 1986 when a 278 hp controlled engine was introduced with the car. 

930 Reputation 

930s helped make Porsche a symbol of speed, challenge, and attention. Hollywood icons such as Steve McQueen owned 1976 Porsche 930s among other rich and famous individuals. 

Porsche 930 Conclusion 

While Porsche holds the rights to many iconic cars, 930s serve as one of the German manufacturer’s most coveted vehicles. Raw speed and power proved almost too much for the average person who would purchase this vehicle upon release. 

Market regulations didn’t stop Porsche from experiencing success with the 930. All it took was some redesign and reconfiguration for the 930 to continue to speed through the end of the 1980s. 

Distinctive styling and top-notch engineering make the 930 a pure classic. 

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