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1956 Porsche 356A Speedster
1956 Porsche 356A Carrera 1500 GS Speedster
1956 Porsche 356A Carrera 1500 GS Speedster
1957 Porsche 356A Speedster
1956 Porsche 356A Speedster

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Porsche Speedster 

From 1954 to modern days, the Porsche Speedster has maintained itself as one of Porsche’s most valued production lines due to a series of alluring models. 

Let’s dive into what has made driving Porsche Speedster a legendary experience for car enthusiasts over the past sixty years:

Max Hoffman’s Idea:

Accomplished U.S. car importer Max Hoffman convinced Porsche that they needed to create a less expensive model with bare interior essentials. During the Fall of 1954, a 356 model with the extension title “Speedster” hit the market and rapidly made an impact. 

The original Speedster’s steel body with minimalistic interior design and a rain top proved to be attractive features for customers. Popular Speedster sales occurred in the sun drenched states such as California, where people loved riding open top at a reasonable price. 

Film star James Dean owned a 356 Speedster, which served as a significant publicity boost for Porsche during the 1950s. After the success of the initial 356, subsequent models developed. 

1957 featured an essential release of Porsche Speedsters with the A 1500 GS Carrera model. The 1.5-L engine led to a 110 power output rating. 

1988: A Key Year for Speedsters 

1988 was a critical time for the legend of Speedsters as it was the company’s first release of the famed series in years. Luckily for Porsche, the car was an enormous success. 

Ending the G-Series in style, Porsche introduced the 1988 911 Speedster with a look reminiscent of a comprehensive turbo model. Export car markets helped the 1988 Speedster achieve success by additionally serving prospective customers with a lean bodied 911 Speedster. Only 161 versions of the leaner 911 Speedster were assembled. 

Reduced bodies on 1988 911 Speedsters were achieved via a reduction of the windscreen, while the car’s top closed down into a circular back section. Slightly over 2,100 G-variant Speedsters were produced. 

While less lean versions of the 1988 Speedster were sold, almost one thousand units of 911 Speedsters via the 964 generation were manufactured with only 15 featuring bigger bodies. New technology allowed the ’92 964 Speedster to open and close the top easier in manual fashion while the car’s back locking device additionally received a boost in quality. 

Unique leather was painted the same as the vehicle’s color. Imagine a red Porsche with red seats. That’s a sure way to catch eyes and diversify your car, among other sports vehicles! 

2018 Speedster Concept 

While recent years have provided excellent Speedster sales for Porsche with 2019 and 2020 releases, it’s essential to highlight the unique 2018 Speedster concept car. Celebrating 70 years of Porsche history with a convertible top and original 356 variants brings the party to the open road. 

Initial 356 design had a significant influence on the 2018 Speedster concept vehicle. Semi-vintage aesthetic and driver-focused design led to the 2018 911 Speedster going into production. Notable design features of the 2018 Speedster concept include dual bubble streamliners, which serve as a Porsche staple. 

Overall weight for the 2018 Speedster concept was reduced through the use of a light roof instead of a tonneau lid. While the 2018 Speedster concept is gorgeous in all its components, it’s also suitable for daily driving!

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Lev M
Lev M
11:26 02 Feb 20
People have been telling me to go look at Dusty Cars and I'm glad I did. One day, I took the family round and met Doug, the place is great. We saw some really nice vintage cars and even got taken for a drive in one of them.
Laura Levato
Laura Levato
17:18 29 Jan 20
It's been some time since I've been able to do something for myself and I was looking for something that wasn't going to cost me anything, but still give me a pleasurable outing. Dusty Cars was that one outing. I was able to just look around and take in all the cars around me.
Holly Barnard
Holly Barnard
22:21 02 Jan 20
Dear Dusty Cars, Thank you for your hospitality in welcoming us into your dealership. My grandson loved seeing all of your vehicles and committed to star saving his allowance in order to buy one as soon as he turns 21. He's not anywhere near where he needs to be yet, but we'll hold thumbs and keep you in mind for that upcoming visit.
Gabby Shaw
Gabby Shaw
12:28 13 Dec 19
Doug was fantastic to us when we first arrived, but after he had to go and do something urgently, we spoke to another worker there who took great care of us too. Their customer service is good!
Gustavo Costa
Gustavo Costa
13:56 04 Nov 19
Upon meeting John at Dusty Cars, we knew we were in the right place to get our new vintage car. The staff was very professional and friendly, they knew everything about all of the cars and were able to help us get exactly what we needed. Thank you for everything you've done for us. We'll definitely be back again.
George Guerrero
George Guerrero
23:42 29 Oct 19
I particularly love the details that the owners pay attention to. There are very few things better than sitting in vintage car with the smell of the leather seats, seeing brand new dials on the car. It's great to see how much care is put into restoring these works of art.
Noé Gérard
Noé Gérard
18:41 21 Oct 19
these cars are so sexy looking. The cars are right outta the games that we play, you can see all the classics just sitting on the floor its just nice to go and look!
Stuart Anderson
Stuart Anderson
18:15 16 Oct 19
I was accessing my father's storage garage after he passed away, which coincidentally, was just across the street from Dusty Cars! I knew there was a car in there and thought it must have been a sign from God to take my car there and sell it to them. It was such a nice experience and I'll go back again.
Jessica Messina
Jessica Messina
05:25 10 Oct 19
The dealership is a wonderful place to visit. Love the cars, love the people, love the dog!!! Even though I'm not a collector of any kind, there's something special about coming to see the love they put into their restoration process.
Glory Oye
Glory Oye
00:09 26 Jun 19
I've always been a lover of classic cars, precisely the 1956 Porsche 356 Coupe, which is considered as the grandfather of Porsche. I was filled with excitement when I saw my dream car listed on eBay by Dusty Cars. I could count almost a 100 stunning pictures of this car on display, with the metal components, the 4-cylinder, air cooled engine and the red leather interior all in good condition. Douglas is indeed a professional; his attention to details is flawless.
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