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Maserati A6 

Maserati produced A6 models from 1947 to 1956. These stunning cars were split between grand tourers, racers, and single-seaters. 

You might be wondering where the A6 name originated. 

The “A” stands for Alfieri Maserati, one of the company’s founders, while the “6” represents the straight-six engine. 

Early A6

1.5 liter Maserati straight-six was named A6 TR due to the detachable cylinder head and was based on the pre-war model, Maserati 6CM. First appearing in A6 Sport or Tipo 6CS/46, the car was developed by Ernesto Maserati and Alberto Massimino. 1947 led to the showing of the A6 1500 Pinin Farina at the Salon International in Geneva. 

A 1948 spider model of the A6 had only two produced vehicles and was shown at the Salone dell’automobile di, Torino. 

A6 GCS models featured a 2-liter straight-six engine. A6G was a series of two-door coupe models and Spyders with alloy engine blocks. 

An Important A6: 1500 

After World War II, Maserati focused its efforts on building road cars in addition to its established line of race cars. As a result, the first road-ready, Maserati, A6/1500, was announced in 1947. 

Since Maserati was struggling as a small company to recover from the effects of war, the A6/1500 was an engineered automobile. The A6/1500’s title proves accurate as the vehicle was powered by a six-cylinder engine of 1500-cc. 

Similar to other specialist cars released around the same time, the A6/1500 had a conventional separate chassis, with cross-members and tubular side rails. Front suspension was independent via coil springs and wishbones, while a live axle located by trailing arms rode on coils on the car’s rear. 

Start of the A6/1500

A6/1500 concept work began as early as 1943. Ernesto Maserati laid out the engine around 1943, but with the effects of World War II moving closer to Modena, the engine bench-testing didn’t begin until 1945. 

The original A6/1500 prototype had a crude, narrow body with separate Allard-Esque cycle fenders. 

All late 1940s A6 cars were handbuilt in an effective fashion. After two A6’s were built in 1946, Maserati completed three in 1947, nine in 1948, twenty-five in 1949, and twenty-two the following year. A handful of Zarina spiders and Zagato bodied coupe models make up the total produced cars at the tail end of the 40s. 

Performance on the A6/1500 

The top speed for A6/1500 models was written as 95 mph. Whether or not the car could reach those speeds is debatable. While the A6/1500 wasn’t especially powerful, the chassis was well designed and would benefit later on from a more powerful 2.0-liter and twin-cam engine. 

While Maserati was known among the race circuit at the time, the A6/1500 only made two private competition appearances. 

A6 Conclusion 

Early developments of the A6 were a solid start for road-ready Maserati’s. Engine developments in the 1960s with A6 models led to a more powerful car with 500 percent more horsepower. As the horsepower levels of Maserati A6’s began to grow in the 60s, so did the price tags. 

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